If you’ve ever read anything I have written before, chances are you’ll have stumbled across YIN / YANG theory + the five elements - the foundations of which Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon...

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It is no secret I love to talk about this topic, sorry not sorry. Everything in nature is made up of one of the opposing forces, yin or yang - femininity and masculinity respectively. And within this, there are the 5 elements; Fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each element has a season, an energy and an emotion attached to it. Summer is YANG in energy, the element of fire so is hot in temperature (obviously), representing the emotion of JOY.

Summer being the most Yang and energetic time of the year means there is lots of movement and excitement in the air and in our bodies. We feel uplifted, happier and more full of life. Summer romance is legit a thing, because we all feel so damn good and positive. Yang represents masculinity; assertiveness, that controlling, hard working aspect within us so it is easy to become unbalanced.

Remember, there is always Yin with Yang, & Yang within Yin.

They are interconnected & can not be without each other.

Because there is so much warmth and yang, we need to make sure our YIN (the cooling aspect, our blood and body fluids, and our divine feminine) is nourished. With the heat and dryness, our Yin can easily become depleted as our masculine/Yang takes over. Our feminine, our Yin has a softness about it. It is nurturing, caring and empathetic so we need to nurture this. Essential oils are so beautiful, sensual and oh so earthy, with an abundance of health benefits. These natural fragrances help us connect to our mind, body and spirit and to our inner feminine. If we are feeling disconnected, too much in our Yang, there is an oil for that! (yes, another thing you’ll hear me say 45 times a day) We can also use diet and nutrition to keep our Yin and Yang balanced this warm, dry season. See my previous blog post about how to use food as medicine during summer.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to help restore health, cure illness and promote wellbeing. They are a true gift from the earth. It is no wonder they are making such a comeback into the modern, western world. They are just magic and can really change your life. Since switching to a LOW-TOX home and life, I use them daily and have never looked back. Having a love/obsession for all things 'women’s health', I have done endless research, trialling + testing, and playing around with what oils are best for us girls. So it’s only right I share this passion - Knowledge is power but only when shared.


So ladies, here are my top 9 oils to help keep you cool, grounded and in your FEMININE this summer…

1. Peppermint How: Very cooling in nature, also a TCM herb to support the liver and clear heat Use: Mixed with purified or distilled water in a spray bottle, use as a cooling, refreshing mist. Tip: Apply to back of neck/top of head for an instant energy boost. Also great in your water or on your belly to support digestion and reduce bloating.

2. Lavender How: The Queen of oils - Yin, calming grounding and cooling, great for PMT and menopause. Use: On your pulse points (wrists, soles of feet, behind ears etc) daily and nightly on your pillow to reduce stress and anxiety and for a better, deeper sleep Tip: great for sunburn to take out redness, heat, stop the sting and peeling! A great antiseptic oil and wound healer, too.

3. Frankincense How? The King of oils, it may seem masculine but will ground and anchor you and your Yin like no other. Use: in the diffuser or on your pulse points for grounding, calming sense of belonging and self love. Tip: Add to your night creams for wrinkles, scars, and overall visible signs or ageing - the number one ANTI-AGEING essential oil.


4. Geranium How? This is the oil for balancing hormones, generally (works on the adrenal cortex of the brain). Use: Great to use leading up to your period for PMT and breast tenderness. Tip: Diffuse for a calm yet uplifting energy or use topically for focus and mental clarity.

5. Lemon How? A natural antioxidant, diuretic and cooling, fresh citrus burst. Use: In a glass of warm water every morning before eating to support gut health and digestion. Tip: Also great mixed with lavender and lemon to use daily for hay fever and sinusitis.

6. Rose How? This sensual, feminine oil is calming and relieves stress and depression. Use: leading up to your period for emotional balance to beat the PMT blues. Tip: in a roller as a natural perfume / daily fragrance to replace your chemical based perfume.

7. Clary Sage How: This is THE oil for women - she regulates menstruation and hormones: Use: Before and during ovulation to help promote the follicular, yin phase of your cycle - to help with ovulation. Tip: Rub over ovaries / lower abdomen for cramping, period pain or ovulation pain (great for Endo + PCOS)

8. Grapefruit How: Great for your gut, metabolism and fluid retention. Use: in your water daily to boost metabolism or as a tasty addition to your sparkling water . Tip: For an energy boost, diffuse or apply to temples and soles of feet.

8. Ylang Ylang How? A deeply sensual oil, a natural mood booster as well as antiseptic/antibacterial. Use: topically on acne leading up to your period to get on top of those pre-period breakouts. Tip: In a diffuser for a natural aphrodisiac, or as a perfume to tap into your divine feminine.

If you want to know how to get the oils in your life and how to harness these powerful gifts from the earth for your health and in your home, holla at me here, sister. I would love to hear from you so I can work with you to help lead a more LOW-TOX, happy and healthy life.

Love & light,

Carla XO

NB: If you are could be or are pregnant, there are oils you should avoid so always research first and know what essential oils you are using, for example, clary sage is not for use during pregnancy until labour. I am happy to help you with this, so please contact me.

Also, not all oils are created equally. I only use doTERRA 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils because they are the best and have strict purity and quality standards and guidelines. Each batch is tested for traces of solvents, pesticides, synthetics, fillers or any other chemical residues, toxins or pollutants. If they don’t pass the test, they simply are not bottled and sold. You can check this by entering the unique code on the bottom of each (single oil) bottle at ‘ www.sourcetoyou.com ’. doTERRA oils are also sourced from where they are indigenously grown in a sustainable and ethical way to, support the farmers and the greater community. Higher purity and quality means an increased therapeutic grade oil for you to benefit from.

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