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We treat out of Adelaide's most unique and forward thinking allied health clinic 'South Australian Integrated Therapies' where holistic treatment are key and results is top  priority...

During your initial consultation, we sit down with you as an individual to get a detailed medical history and understand your main health concerns. Any relevant imaging, scans and tests are assessed as well as emotional, physical health and general well-being. To make a comprehensive and differential TCM diagnosis, we also assess the tongue and radial pulse to gain more insight into your internal health. In TCM, we always treat the root cause rather than just the symptoms to restore balance and provide you with an individual treatment plan.

Our treatment methods are gentle, holistic and personalised for you and your needs. A treatment experience consists of Acupuncture in combination with Tui Na (Chinese massage), cupping, moxibustion (heat therapy), as well as  Chinese herbal medicine if required. We also used an integrative medicine approach so diet therapy and nutritional advice along with life-style coaching is also included. To help you stay on track and to get you the best results, we set up a treatment plan and create you an individual take-home care program.

Initial consults: 1h - 1.5 hrs
Follow-up:  50mins– 1 hr
Cosmetic Acupuncture: 1 hr
Cupping: 30mins
Ear candling: 30mins

We are registered with all major health funds for health insurance rebate. HiCaps facilitates are available for on-the-spot claims.


SA Integrated Therapies
225 Grote St,
Adelaide, SA

(08) 8221-6600

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